Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Quick and easy, baked Parmesan-crusted Red Snapper with lemon beurre blanc, extra creamy mashed potatoes and bacon-sautéed green beans is a delicious treat for any weekday meal. 

Rather than using the standard method for battering; I smeared some dijon mustard and lemon juice over salt and peppered fish, then coated in a grated Parmesan, panko and bread crumb mixture. Set to bake at 425 for around 20-25 mins and the fish was tender and moist on the inside and crunchy-crispy on the outside.

For the bacon green beans, I blanched them in the same pot of water I used for the potatoes- cooked the potatoes for around 10 mins then added the trimmed green beans for  last  5-6 mins. Melted some saved bacon grease in a medium-hot pan and then added the green beans and some chopped onion and sautéed until tender, seasoning along the way. 

For the mashed potatoes, once strained, I added them back in the same pot (used to boil them in) with like 3Tbs melted butter, salt, pepper and about 1/2cup heavy cream mixed with 2Tbs milk and mashed them until chunky-smooth. 

Lastly, the beurre blanc started out like they all do: sautéed shallots in white wine and white wine vinegar until tender and liquid almost totally evaporated, then slowly whisked in cold cubes of butter on low heat until smooth and creamy- then, rather than strain it (as the French like to do), I pureed the sauce with the hunky shallot until smooth. 

Yum! Tell me that doesn't sound delicious! Adapted from one of my fav meals at a local seafood joint and duplicated to the best of my ability. 

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