Monday, October 6, 2014

Been in Dallas the last 4 months... 

My next few POSTS are some of the food I enjoyed, cooked, inhaled;
:: drool ::
As well as whatever else was interesting.

best banana cream pie        sashimi and kale 
 R+D Kitchen, Dallas 
(left) banana cream pie with chocolate chip and graham cracker crust.
topped with caramel sauce, butter toffee sprinkles and whipped cream! (right) fresh and tasty white sashimi with crsip kale salad YUM

 Hillstone, Dallas 
the cheese burger. awesome! 
Crispy romaine, juicy tomatoes, pickles, gooey cheddar, cooked medium and served with the best shoestring french fries ever!

uncooked tomatoes and onionsoven roasted tomatoes I made it:
Oven roasted tomatoes 
(left) cooked
(right uncooked)
grape tomatoes, fresh slivered garlic, Italian herbs, lemon slices, evoo

Served this over grilled wahoo
and corn on the cob
cheese steak seasoned fries 
Uncle Uber's, Deep Ellum

(above) Shaved rib eye hoagie with provo instead of blue cheese, lettuce, and tomato, served with habanero ranch and seasoned, hand cut french fries. YUMMY

Tex Mex Goulash  I made it:
Tex-Mex goulash 
extra lean ground turkey, seasoned with a delicious blend of Mex spices, roasted poblanos, corn, tomatoes, and onion served over brown rice. -- dairyfree - lowfat -
dallas tx beer local buzz  Local Buzz, Aloft Hotel bar 
(left) Four Corners' Local Buzz honey-rye golden ale. Brewed in Dallas, TX
  2-door Rols Royce,  Nick & Sams, Dallas  This sweet 'thang pulled in behind us - 2014 Rolls-Royce Wraith. sick!

Monkey King Spicy Beef Noodle Soup 
  Monkey King Noodle Co, Deep Ellum  Spicy beef noodle soup with hand-pulled noodles, cilantro, slow-braised beef chunks and a perfectly spiced beef broth. byob. 

Tex Mex Goulash Scramble   I made it:
Tex-Mex goulash Scramble 
(right) left over Tex Mex goulash, 2 scrambled eggs, avocado, salsa. Yum. -- dairyfree - lowfat -


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