Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Week in Pictures

The hotline (at work):

My freshly-made fish cakes:
A mixture of salmon, tilapia and cod with my secret blend of spices and coated in Panko bread crumbs! Always a hit.

(3 Hour) Braised Oxtails.
Yes, it's exactly what is sounds like; but trust me, the meat just falls off the bone & is super moist and tasty.

My quick n' easy Grilled Chicken Picatta with artichokes and lemon-caper sauce. It's always a favorite, fast to prepare and healthy!

To welcome my lovah home, I made some of my homemade Tex-Mex Chicken & Cheese Enchiladas! I fill each enchilada with shredded chicken, cheese, onion and a couple of black beans then coat everything in a slowly simmered chili sauce! Next step is bake until gooey and eat! Yum!!

Stay tuned for recipes from these pictures to

- Lauren

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