Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Week in Pictures

Here is a review of my past week in pictures - my weeks tend to really begin and end on Wednesdays so that really marks my weeks with Friday's typically always being the busiest.

Last Thursday, they told me to make a lobster bisque to use as a sauce for some Hog snapper we had on special. I created a basic recipe using fresh lobster claw meat, mirepoix, tarragon, heavy cream, leftover white wine, lobster stock & a few other spices and herbs. Blended it with half the meat then topped the final product with the rest of the chunks (pic at left).

I was asked, several times this week - because I'm awesome at organizing - to reorganize the walk-in cooler. This entails: emptying boxes of produce into plastic containers, switching out old trays that hold product with clean, new ones, sorting through expired or moldy dairy items and produce, combining all like-items in the same area, making sure my pantry section isn't overflowing with unessesary items, making sure everything is covered, nothing on the floor, etc (pic at right -->).

New dessert specials to learn to plate according to the Pastry Chef: Chocolate torte with berries and ganache (pic at left), Poached Pears over a shortbread cookie floating in a cinnamon papaya soup w molasses cookies, an A
Appletini (deconstructed apple pie in a short martini glass), Chocolate Frau Frau (pic at right) layers of chocolate mousse, orange marmalade, cake served with a lemon and chocolate sauce & mandarin orange segments, Trio of Seasonal Truffles, and the dreaded Caramelized Banana pudding tart (dreaded BC it took like 10 mins to assemble!), that no one ordered. Yesterday's new special that replaced Banana was a Grand Marnier Sabayon with cinnamon chocolate and raspberry (pic at lower left, in the window).

My special salad for the week was a Strawberry & Feta salad over baby greens (arugula and spinach), topped with slivered almonds and edible flowers and a drizzle of strawberry-sherry vinaigrette -->

Amuse bouches:
<-- Roasted red beet and pine nut-goat cheese with micro greens

Black garlic aioli fingerling potato salad with a black pepper cracker

Kimchi & red pepper dressed seafood salad on a thinly sliced radish (pic at right) 

<-- And last night's hot Butternut squash and roasted pear soup with yogurt creme fraiche and chives

So concludes my week of pictures. Stay tuned until next week!

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