Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Welcome to my Blog:

Well, I finally decided I ought to start blogging, these days just having a website, doesn't seem to be enough to get noticed by many. All that time spent slaving over learning HTML and how exactly to get all my graphic design images into Dreamweaver still wasn't helping me get my website, up on google searches or even in them unless someone actually types "newamericanfoods" in the search box.

It seems like a lifetime ago when I started culinary school back in July 2011, but time flies and tomorrow will officially be my last core class before a 4 month externship!
I did decide to stay local rather than travel to be close to family and the boyfriend as well as to save some $$ and hopefully gain a better insight into the Sarasota culinary scene.
I do recommend culinary school to anyone thinking about it - as long as you put forth all of your efforts to learn every aspect they are teaching you and dont just slack off. You are paying them to teach you, so why not ask the stupid questions and get the most bang for your buck!?

I will be blogging more about my externship once it starts (September 2012)! Until then, more about the food I'm making right now...

Here's a nice helping of carbonara to keep you drooling until my next post!